Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Name: Nur Izzati binti Azman..sweet and simple rite? uhhh~~

Sisters: i have 1 smarty elder sister and 1 crazy younger sister..kak zah and ejah..

Brothers: i have two younger brothers..haziq emphaty and zikri a.k.a cahaya bulan..muahaha!

Shoe size: 7 or 8..depends on the brand..cehh!!

Height: im not sure about that..154cm kot..agak katik laa..hehehe..

Where do you live: umah sewa kat segamat, umah betul kat batu pahat..=)

Have you ever been on a plane: nope! but teringin sgt..

Swam in the ocean: ohh i like it sooo MUCHH!!!! i love to swim although i cant swim! hahaha..actually mmg suka duduk dlm air..tak kisah laa pantai ke swimming pool ke air terjun ke..

Fallen asleep at school: emm rasanya tak pernah..but i like nana's answer..nana, may i borrow urs? "i can't remember. rasenye tak pernah. tersengguk2 tahan ngantuk pernahla especially bile cikgu suara bosan/muka tak handsome mengajar. but bile time "ustaz ala2 muka yusry" mengajar mata yang macam ade gam terus segar bugar haha kan ijat kan? =P"

Broken someone's heart: emmm..aaaa..takde kot..

Fell of your chair: pernah masa darjah 4..malu gilerr masa tue...haish..sume org gelak..=(

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: tak penah pun..

Saved emails: yup, esp from seelan paul and fara fauzana..hahaha~

What is your room like: kat segamat cm bersepah sket..hehehe..kat umah kurang sket laa..coz i akan membebel pd ejah suoh dia kemas..dinding kaler purple lembut, cadar warna-warni..hehe..but i wish to have my own purple+pink's room..

What's right beside you: my handphone and meja study noha..

What is the last thing you ate: biskut tawar cicah milo panas..(for my brunch..dinner blum lg..)

Chicken pox: blum lg..

Sore throat: cant remember..

Stitches: nope..

Broken nose: nope..

Do you believe in love at first sight: emm, i have to say yes..but depends gak..if pas dah kuar date cm tak okay jea, i have to say goodbye! muahaha..

Like picnics: yup..last picnic dgn housemate kat air terjun sagil..

Who was/were...
The last person you danced with: ct fatimah..yeah i did some dancing exercise with her last week..pasang cd, tutup tingkap and then DANCING!!!! hehehe..

Last person made you smile: atul..dia wat lawak psl penempatan student uitm yg agak tak praktikal..hahaha..

You last yelled at: myself! suka susahkan orang..*sigh*

Today did you...
Talked to someone you like: of course yes..

Kissed anyone: no..

Get sick: yup..selesema sket..

Talk to an ex: bak kata nana..ex pun takde..so how???

Miss someone: yes! my yieyoe..haha..

Who do you really hate: emmm..=(

Do you like your hand-writing: yup..tp time exam asek liquid jea..smpai tak cukup masa..=(

Are your toe-nails painted: no..tp dulu masa dok shah alam dgn jiha, slalu pakai kutex sama2..hehehe..

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: emm, katil aziq n yie kot..

What color shirt are you wearing now: grey with the word MTV..

Are you a friendly person: sometimes..but last 2weeks i interviewed sorang lect wannabe tue..i met her at uitm segamat's library..suka tgk dia..sgt confident..

Do you have any pets: nope..i tak suka kucing sgt..but my family have kuntang and kucai..

Do you sleep with the TV on: no..sbb i tak suka tido dlm keadaan yg terang and bising..

What are you doing right now: tgh tgk melodi online kat web tv3..last week tak sempat tgk sbb ada paper PD..

Can you handle the truth: emm..i think so..

Are you closer to your mother or father: emm, dua2 kot..dgn mak slalu bgosip, dgn abah slalu blawak..

Do you eat healthy: emm, maybe..

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: takdeeeeee..

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: zana..td baru jea call dia n citer prob..she tried hard to cheer me up! ='(

Are you loud or quiet most of the time: loud to people i know very well..

Are you confident: 50-50..dgn outsiders i have to be confident..tp dgn classmates ada sket malu la..tatau nape..

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
-i was in 5 maju..
-start to fell in love..eyyyuuu..=p
-jd pustakawan..so, most of the time i arranged books at SKP's library..
-join aktiviti KKJ..ohhh, i miss my KKJ..:(
-bgosip dgn my best fren masa tue..faradila..

5 things I'll be doing in 10 years from now:
-busy working..
-busy preparing for my wedding..coz i wanna get married on 27..i have only 1 year to settle everything..hahaha..pak abu oo pak abu..
-cari duit byk2 utk honeymoon kat luar negara..tett!!! =p
-bgosip dgn my housemate..
-main dgn my nieces and nephews..anak kak zah..wahh!!! hahahaha..

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
-belikan umah utk mak abah..then hias cantik2..
-anta mak abah g haji..
-buy my dream car n house..
-shopping dgn nana..
-g slimming treatment!!! hahaha..

5 of my bad habits:
-surf the net sampai larut malam..
-tido petang2..
-kacau bdk kecik sampai dia melalak..(dibantu oleh ejah n yie..)
-cabut rambut..
-berangan jd fafau..hehehe..

5 places I’ve lived/living:
-batu pahat
-segamat (1year)
-machang (3years)
-shah alam (3months)
-johor bharu (paling lama 2weeks laa..)

im tagging to Chaotic Emphaty, Azlan #11, Azmahal, Anis, Atul n Miza_Z7..happy tagging!! =))


CiCigurl said...

haha finally my tagging made you update your blog.

your first love when u were darjah 5? why i didnt know that? hrm curious2 ni nak tau sapela ye first crush you tu...=P

amboi bajet besar ni nak amik pak abu as wedding planner. sure gempak gile ur wedding nanti.

owh i thought u already at home on sem break. bile habis finals? jadi tak tukar machang? haa bertubi2 soalan ni. jawab2. lol

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

ooo..michelle melodi terjah i..help help!!! hahahahahaha~~

yup, when i was in standard 5, i started to fell in love with someone in standard 6..hahahahahaha..guess guess guess..happy guessing darling! =))

yup, pak abu will be my wedding planner..u assist him k..jd mandur..hahahaha..

blum abes paper lg..i have two more papers to workout..my last paper will be on 17oct..tukar machang? insyallah..=)

CiCigurl said...

why lame tak update?
busy jumpe bf eh? lol