Friday, December 5, 2008


okay.. everybody dah start complaint.. i didnt update my dazzling blog.. well, my cliche excuse: im soooo BUSY!! hahaha!!! noo laa.. actually im super duper lazy to do so.. teruk kan?

hmm.. actually my final started at 1st nov and last at 17th nov.. then 18th terus gie shah alam, amek jubah utk konvo.. mine was at 22nd afternoon.. stay shah alam at my aunt's house, then 21st tue baru my family datang..

about the convocation, it ran smoothly.. i didnt have to wait for a long time to take my scroll.. i mean, i felt like 'masa bjln dgn pantas'.. tak sempat rasa boring.. ntah.. maybe sbb nervous kot.. hahaha.. after settled everything, we had our group photo.. but then tak sempat snap byk2 sbb battery kong.. so abah n mak suoh pulang jubah esoknya (supposedly i need to send it back at the same day or i must paid RM 2.00) sbb nak bposing kat umah big mama (my aunt) plak.. hehehe.. here are some pics:

:: tgh que bfore masuk dewan.. thanks to mamarazzi, miss azah.. ::

:: smile! ::

:: my family ::

:: with my mom..thanks mak sudi dtg..:) ::

:: with abah..ehh, sama tinggi plak..hehe..thanks ya! ::

:: with kak zah..thanks for the help.. ::

:: protaugeh n mentol..haha! thanks aunty for the accomodation.. ::

:: nice background.. ::

:: love yawl..=) ::

:: a bunch of thanks to my olok2 PA..left: ejah (props) n kak zah (wardrobe)..hahaha..;p ::

thats all.. hope everybody enjoy it! thank you everyone! segala kerjasama dr pihak anda amat saya hargai.. thanks again! =)


mizaqi_z7 said...

cey..wlupun olok2..we[k.zah&me] did da best!heheh

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

okay, pls take ur payment bfore 25th dec ya..special gifts are also given..=))

azmahal said...

haha so cute, at first i dun understand protugeh and mentol until i asked G-ha.

CiCigurl said...

adakah saya termasuk dalam "everybody dah start complaint" tak update blog? lol
*tak kan sambil menggeleng kepala laju2* haha

Congratz banyak2 dear!!! u looked dazzling in that graduation coat. mesti dapat banyak bunga kan. seronoknye! =)

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

azmahal - hahaha..protaugeh laa (coz i like to eat taugeh instead of other veges..hehe..) bkn protugeh..whateva, thanks for ur help!

CiCigurl - ehh, i tak maksudkn u yg berkata sedemikian (smbil wat muka hipokrit..muahaha!!) LOL

btw, thanks..i looked dazzling? yeayy! haha..emm tak dpt bunga pun..dpt other stuffs yg lebih praktikal drpd bunga..

'sis'razzi said...

cantik la gambar yg 1st tu..tgk la sapa yg amik..hokhokhok..

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

hahaha..of coz mamarazzi cum PA yg tlg amek..kelasss kan?? hahaha..