Friday, September 19, 2008

my job so tired! baru lepas cuci toilet! hahaha! actually kak zah will come back tomorrow modus operandi bermula..why? because i still remember when i was at kelantan, one day before i went home i will sms aziq and asked him to wash the toilet..bukan demand or berlagak diva or bossy, cuma bila dah lama tak balik umah, for sure kita nak tgk toilet bilik kita bersih kann? get what i mean? it's okay if u dont really understand..but i have that feeling..nvm laa..and actually kak zah takde pun sms me or mizah to wash the toilet..i am just thinking that i am RESPONSIBLE on it..because i am the one who always be at home! takkan nak harapkan abah..because abah already has two more toilets (one at his room and another one at the kitchen) to clean up..mizah and zikri? no way! hahaha!!! so i decide -that is your JOB, izzati!-

while i was busy washing the toilet, mizah played her role..she cleaned up our dusty mirror-table..hahaha..adik pompuan yg sorang nie mmg boleh diharap..she always does her job without any doubt! good girl babe! then by the time i finished my task, she finished it too! sempat snappy some pics of her but unfortunately i didnt bring my handphone's i cant transfer the pics! haha..sowey ejah..=p

yesterday i was having my consultation hours with Miss Sheida (MS), lecturer of QMT425..actually i was not able to attend the replacement class last week plus this week too..because the class starts at 2.30pm until ticket is at i take an initiative to see her and learn personally with her..luckily she wants to teach me..

me : miss, sorry i dont understand about simplex method because i didnt attend the replacement class last week..

MS : oh, okay..i'll teach u..

15 minutes later..

me : miss, i also cannot attend your class tomorrow (which is today)..

MS : why?

me : because i want to go home..

MS : where's your house?

me : Batu Pahat..

MS : ala, Batu Pahat jea..buat apa blk week dah nak blk lg..

me : oo, sbb this week mak saya ada masak2 sket utk saya kena blk..

MS : emm, how?

me : can you teach me now?

MS : okay laa..take out your notes..

yahoooo!!! thank you Miss..i really appreciate your this time i wont feel guilty if i tuang your class..hahaha..=D and then after finished up every single things, she asked me again..

MS : awk duduk serumah dgn sapa?

me : takde sapa2..

MS : dgn budak kelas?

me : takde gak Miss..saya duduk dgn senior..

MS : oo, takpe laa, next time kalau ada apa2, awk boleh jumpa dan tanya saya k..

me : okay, thanks Miss..

see? how concern she glad to have her as my lecturer..she will be one of my fav lecturer besides Mr. Mohan..hehehe..oh ya, after seeing her, i met Mr. Mohan..discuss about my second presentation with him..OMG!!! Mr. Mohan is soooo supportive and sporting..he tries hard to make you comfortable with him..he never condemn your ideas! thats why i respect him so much..but he still cannot kalahkan my Dr. Nik..oohh, suddenly i feel that i MISS her so muchh!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

happy birthday imran!

today is imran's 9th birthday..baru jea over the phone dgn dia td..lawak laa borak dgn my cousin yg paling kecikk nie..hahaha..

me : hello..nie khairul ek?

KI : aah..

me : khairul, happy birthday..

KI : time kasih..

me : beli kek tak?

KI : tak..mama kita wat kek sendiri jea..

me : ooo..khairul dpt hadiah apa?

KI : babah kita bg kasut sekolah ada lg hadiah tertunda..nnt baru dpt..(then dgr mak usu gelak2 kt belakang..heee..)

me : ooo..girlfren awk bg apa?

KI : ala..kita dah break laa..

me : hahahahahahahahaha!!! nape break..?

KI : ntah laa..kita pun tak tahu..(nada ala malu2 kucing..wekkss..)

hahahaha..lawak laa budak kecik sorang nie..bukan apa, imran slalu jea citer dia ada girlfriend nnt mesti mak ayah dia ejek sbb girlfriend dia chubby!! hahaha!!! budak kecik kan..mana laa faham benda2 cmni..hari tue masa aku dtg umah dia, dia panggil masuk bilik dia..rupanya dia tunjuk hadiah perhiasan kristal..dia kata girlfriend dia bg..masa tue aku n ejah gelak jea..imran siap malu2 plakss..hihihi..

whatever laa kan..papepun nak wish lagi sekali: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUHAMMAD KHAIRULIMRAN BIN AZEMI..semoga awk bahagia selalu! belajar rajin2 n jgn nakal2..kak tie sayang awk! muahhs! =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

FF and DH

today i eat mee goreng keras PLUS ayam goreng for my buka puasa..OMG! yesterday abah already told me: if the food tak sedap, please dont say anything about it..tak baik depan rezeki ckp so sorry bah..i have to say that..mmg mee tue keras n rasa pahit..maybe tak cukup bahan kot..and i only ate half of it, the rest i put in the hari nie just mkn ayam goreng and air laici jea..sedihh wooo..bcoz i imagined, if kat umah for sure i have something else to eat! takpe laa, dugaan bpuasa..=)

hot GOSSIP!!! fafau dah nak bertunang hujung tahun nie..frankly speaking, i hate it! i dunno why, but i really hate to read and hear that kind of gossip..huhuhu..teringat plak case hari jumaat lepas..abby abadi (AA) suoh fafau dgr rakaman phone tue..

AA : what is ur name?

DH : Mohd Danish Hakim..(abby's son)

AA : who's ur girlfriend?

DH : Farah Fauzana (FF)..

AA : nape suka FF?

DH : sbb dia cantik..

AA : ooo, sapa cantik? mama cantik ke FF cantik?

DH : FF laa..

AA : dah besar nnt Danish nak jumpa sapa?

DH : Farah Fauzana..

hahaha..i like the way Danish pronounced FF..he properly pronounced Farah instead of Fara..hehehe..Danish2, kecik2 dah pandai ek..heee..=)

untung Danish dpt kak fara tau! muahahaha..=p

Saturday, September 13, 2008


emm, long time without any post! good girl! haha..

kinda busy this week..second presentation for fmi PLUS proposal research PLUS second n third presentations for bel PLUS mandarin's test PLUS corporate finance's quiz! pheww~ i need some oxygen please..huhu..

about the presentation yesterday, i think it was better than the first one..i dunno..maybe because i already done it before, so for the second time around, i felt more relax and comfortable..speak in front of 109 students using microphone NEVER NEVER NEVER included in my to do lists! but alhamdulillah im able to make it! i hope Madam tay will satisfy with my performance..weeehhoooo~

my youngest bro, zikri a.k.a yie was sitting for his BIG exam, UPSR last three days..started from 9th till 11th sept..and almost everyday during his examination, i called him twice in a day-afternoon and night- to give some advices and asked him about the paper..he's the youngest, therefore he's the naughtiest! hahaha! thats why im so worried about him..i hope he will get the best result and make mak n abah proud of him! insyaallah..

yesterday i was having my break fast with my housemates at Traffic Light..ala2 makan besar laa..we ordered tomyam campur PLUS ikan siakap (masak apa ntah tak tau..hee..) PLUS ayam masak kunyit PLUS sayur kailan PLUS telur dadar PLUS juices..i dunno who choose the place but the foods were nice! yeay! after that gerak g beli tiket..luckily there's a ticket for me..if not i have to naik bus sambung2 from segamat to batu pahat..then sampai rumah we all smbung main bunga api plak..kak jay bawak bunga api penuh satu kotak..imported from klang! hahaha..=p

and now im home! break fasting with my family PLUS meeting my 'anak angkat'..hahahaha! bak kata mr manager: sila speku! hehehe..

im HAPPY! (^_^)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


as usual, around 7.09pm abah called me..

abah : dah beli mknn berbuka?

me : dah, zaty otw blk umah..

abah : dgn sapa?

me : berdua dgn nora jea..

abah : mkn apa?

me : kuew tiaw goreng kerang..

abah : haa? kuew tiaw lg? smlm mkn kuew tiaw gak..tak muak ke mkn kuew tiaw hari2?

me : (cm blurr jap..bila masa aku mkn kuew tiaw smlm? oh yea, smlm mkn kuew tiaw Hong Kong kat kedai oren!) aa..zaty tak tau nak mkn apa..kat bazar takde jual nasi laa..

abah : sekali sekala mkn laa nasi..kata smlm kuew tiawnya keras dgn sejuk?

me : eyh..mana abah tahu?

abah : dlm blog awk..

gosh!! abah read my blog..i was wondering who tell him about my blog? ejah ke? hehehe..alamak, kantoii plak dgn after this i cannot write anything yg merepek2 laa..hahaha..

yup i ate kuew tiaw again! i have no choice..sume lauk2 yg ada kt bazar tue cm dah sejuk and tak menyelerakan..i prefer hot cook..thats why i bought that hotty and freshy kuew tiaw kerang..nasib baik sedap..hehe..okay laa bah, tomorow i'll buy nasi ambang at uitm's bazar k..hopefully it won't SOLD OUT like last two days!

psst..abah tak tau yg almost EVERYDAY i drink soya bean! haha..=D

Saturday, September 6, 2008


im having kuew tiaw hong kong for my break fast..such a healthy menu for me..coz it contains a lots of vegetables! hahaha..but today the recipe didn't work kuew tiaw was soo keras and sejuk! tak sedap! but i have no choice, telan jea laa..huhuhu..

tonite i need to finish up my report of book review, prepare slideshows for my presentation and study for my quiz..lots of things to level totally different from diploma..when it comes to degree, no more relax2, tgguh2 kerja, main2, lepak2 bilik kwn, g jln sana sini, etc..every week u are COMPULSORY to have either assignments or presentations or test or quizes..kalau tak mmg tak sah laa..huhu..but either u like or not, u have to..

like Pn Che said, life with problems can make us mature..believe it..yup, bcoz i made a biggest mistake in my life..and i learn something from it..thanks God..

oh ya, now i tgh ym dgn my younger bro, Haziq..he's doing civil engineering at uniten, bangi..he's not feeling well bcoz he's homesick! maybe now baru dia rasa feeling rindukan family after 17years stay together..dont get me wrong..what im trying to say is he starts to learn the meaning of kasih sayang and rindukan family..i tell you guys, he never say 'i miss my family' bfore this..although i know he loves us, but he didnt show it..(sbb lelaki kan..tak macho laa ckp rindu2 nie..hehe..) but now he used to say it..maybe dia dah tak dpt nak tanggung perasaan rindu tue kot..huhu..siann dia..tak pe laa ziq, take it as a least u know how we (me n k.zah) felt bfore really hurts kan? :')

haziq plans to come back home next weekend, ONLY if there's a ziq, please buy the ticket QUICKLY!! we (plus nasi ambang) are waiting for u..we MISS u!! lovee ya..=)

my AF

just now abah called me, asked about my juadah berbuka..everyday either abah or mak will call me and ask about the juadah..hehehe..maybe today im having my break fast with nora at oren..ada something laa tue! thats why nora sanggup cancel plan nak beli nasi ambeng kat bazar uitm..hahaha..well, i miss break fast at home..with mak abah plus k.zah aziq mizah n yie! =(

oh ya! besides that i miss my AF too..not akademi fantasia, but something else..i really missed them! AF, please show the real you..dont hide under your shadow..i miss both! :'(


about the presentation with madam tay, overall it was okay laa..nothing special with our group..i only presented about balance sheet and income statement of HSBC Bank..after class, madam asked us (my group together with another group from L1 and L2) to stay..i thought she wanna gives some rewards or something else..then she announced: okay all of you need to present another subtopic next week..gosh!!! but why? other groups only present once..but we? ooh, bcoz u have another subtopic under this chapter, madam tay said politely..aha, im sick of it AGAIN!! =(

well, i thought by this week i dont have to think about the presentation anymore..i think im free but im not! i still have this kind of feeling .I.AM.SCARED.I.HATE.IT.

i think it is not fair! we need to stand and speak in front twice..i hate it so much! God please help me!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


im super duper tired! i arrived at segamat around 12pm..and then i had class at 2pm till 6pm..class CF kul 2 tue okay some tutorials and then En Syam give back our 1st result? so-so..but i pass the paper..alhamdulillah..

masuk class FMI dgn Madam Tay make me sick! she just gave me the topic and then i need to present it tomorrow! haiissh! i didnt prepare anything..bcoz bfore cuti puasa i came to see her and asked about the presentation..she said wait until she tell me..but now?! uhuhuhu~

i need time to prepare all the slideshows, que cards, tomorrow i have another presentation for how?

okay thats mean i have to STOP WRITING!!! daaaaaa~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

breaking news im kinda happy..because late in the afternoon at 1.20pm, i received one sms from my elder sister, azah..she said:

breaking news: i've started working 2day at KPMG. details will be discussed later on bulletin utama 8pm.thx for all ur wishes&cncerns all this while. :-)

omg! she got a job..finally! we were soo happy and grateful plus proud of her..mak was going to cry but i stopped her..batal puasa! haha..(but actually i can see her eyes were berlinang..) mak said she wants to cry because she's happy! thanks kak for making her day today..=')

kak zah will work at KPMG beside media prima..yeaay! my level of happiness increase 10%! laa, just kidding..actually, wherever she is, i still support her..(kak, extra duit raya please! hehehehe..) i hope she can survive well in her new workplace..i know she can do it!

kak, i always pray for your happiness and success..because i love you so much! muahhss!! =))

Monday, September 1, 2008

new blog! =)

hi all..this is my first post blog at blogspot..terdorong oleh big mama n alan n anis..haha! actually dah lama plan nak pindah kat blogspot tapi masa tak mengizinkan sementara tgh cuti puasa nie (yg mana sepatutnya aku kena siapkan report PD) buat2 laa rajin create new blog..hehe..gilerr lama nak setup all these thingy..i changed the settings for five times! what a waste! hahaha..

okies, as an opening post, i wanna wish 3 things:

1. selamat hari merdeka kpd semua rakyat malaysia..kita patut bersyukur dgn apa yg kita ada sekarang..thanks to our nenek moyang yg dah berhempas pulas mempertahankan maruah negara..kalau mereka tiada, siapa laa kita..

2. happy fasting to all muslims..semoga kita sama2 mendapat keberkatan puasa drpd Nya..

3. happy sweet birthday to my lovely cousin, anis najiha..u are getting older! love you..muahhs!!

thats all..mlm nie tak bley post panjang2..dah penat setup this blog..haha! till here..daa~