Friday, September 19, 2008

my job so tired! baru lepas cuci toilet! hahaha! actually kak zah will come back tomorrow modus operandi bermula..why? because i still remember when i was at kelantan, one day before i went home i will sms aziq and asked him to wash the toilet..bukan demand or berlagak diva or bossy, cuma bila dah lama tak balik umah, for sure kita nak tgk toilet bilik kita bersih kann? get what i mean? it's okay if u dont really understand..but i have that feeling..nvm laa..and actually kak zah takde pun sms me or mizah to wash the toilet..i am just thinking that i am RESPONSIBLE on it..because i am the one who always be at home! takkan nak harapkan abah..because abah already has two more toilets (one at his room and another one at the kitchen) to clean up..mizah and zikri? no way! hahaha!!! so i decide -that is your JOB, izzati!-

while i was busy washing the toilet, mizah played her role..she cleaned up our dusty mirror-table..hahaha..adik pompuan yg sorang nie mmg boleh diharap..she always does her job without any doubt! good girl babe! then by the time i finished my task, she finished it too! sempat snappy some pics of her but unfortunately i didnt bring my handphone's i cant transfer the pics! haha..sowey ejah..=p

yesterday i was having my consultation hours with Miss Sheida (MS), lecturer of QMT425..actually i was not able to attend the replacement class last week plus this week too..because the class starts at 2.30pm until ticket is at i take an initiative to see her and learn personally with her..luckily she wants to teach me..

me : miss, sorry i dont understand about simplex method because i didnt attend the replacement class last week..

MS : oh, okay..i'll teach u..

15 minutes later..

me : miss, i also cannot attend your class tomorrow (which is today)..

MS : why?

me : because i want to go home..

MS : where's your house?

me : Batu Pahat..

MS : ala, Batu Pahat jea..buat apa blk week dah nak blk lg..

me : oo, sbb this week mak saya ada masak2 sket utk saya kena blk..

MS : emm, how?

me : can you teach me now?

MS : okay laa..take out your notes..

yahoooo!!! thank you Miss..i really appreciate your this time i wont feel guilty if i tuang your class..hahaha..=D and then after finished up every single things, she asked me again..

MS : awk duduk serumah dgn sapa?

me : takde sapa2..

MS : dgn budak kelas?

me : takde gak Miss..saya duduk dgn senior..

MS : oo, takpe laa, next time kalau ada apa2, awk boleh jumpa dan tanya saya k..

me : okay, thanks Miss..

see? how concern she glad to have her as my lecturer..she will be one of my fav lecturer besides Mr. Mohan..hehehe..oh ya, after seeing her, i met Mr. Mohan..discuss about my second presentation with him..OMG!!! Mr. Mohan is soooo supportive and sporting..he tries hard to make you comfortable with him..he never condemn your ideas! thats why i respect him so much..but he still cannot kalahkan my Dr. Nik..oohh, suddenly i feel that i MISS her so muchh!!


azmahal said...

Weeiiiit, zati cuci toilet lah. Bagus2 nnt kak zah bg duit raya lbh k!! Anak didikan sape ek...Fatimah kut.

Kiranye awk slalu tuang class miss s ya. Sib baik dia tu understanding. Skrg awk dah mula nak built up rapport with ur lecturer, good sign! So stay put je lah.

Bila nak komen blog kita.:=)

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

hahaha..anak didikan mu laa..

selalu tuang class sbb class Miss di awal minggu and di awal pg..quite malas..syhhh..=p

dah komen laa laling! ^_^

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot sis..really appreciate dat..gtg, it's alredi 12.20pm..hav to get ready to go back kl..sigh..huu..

*kakak mu..hehe

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

u r welcome babe..small matter..=)

same goes to me..have to get ready to go back to segamat..sigh too..

(psstt takde sapa yg suke blk sana..huhuhu..)

azmahal said...

Awk tak suke balik segamat ek, balik le KB tu, ramai yg menanti mu disana, ur AF clan. Gelenyar mu!

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

ehem..cuba selidik dulu..AF takde kat segamat, KB pun takde..sdp jea pggil org gelenyar..huhu..kita suka KB bukan sbb ada boyfriend kat sana..huhuhu..

CiCigurl said...

mupdate update! hehe
blog about ur raya okay. post some pics too ;D

Anonymous said...

sporting nyer lctrr u.x syg ke nk tigglkn diorg?