Saturday, September 13, 2008


emm, long time without any post! good girl! haha..

kinda busy this week..second presentation for fmi PLUS proposal research PLUS second n third presentations for bel PLUS mandarin's test PLUS corporate finance's quiz! pheww~ i need some oxygen please..huhu..

about the presentation yesterday, i think it was better than the first one..i dunno..maybe because i already done it before, so for the second time around, i felt more relax and comfortable..speak in front of 109 students using microphone NEVER NEVER NEVER included in my to do lists! but alhamdulillah im able to make it! i hope Madam tay will satisfy with my performance..weeehhoooo~

my youngest bro, zikri a.k.a yie was sitting for his BIG exam, UPSR last three days..started from 9th till 11th sept..and almost everyday during his examination, i called him twice in a day-afternoon and night- to give some advices and asked him about the paper..he's the youngest, therefore he's the naughtiest! hahaha! thats why im so worried about him..i hope he will get the best result and make mak n abah proud of him! insyaallah..

yesterday i was having my break fast with my housemates at Traffic Light..ala2 makan besar laa..we ordered tomyam campur PLUS ikan siakap (masak apa ntah tak tau..hee..) PLUS ayam masak kunyit PLUS sayur kailan PLUS telur dadar PLUS juices..i dunno who choose the place but the foods were nice! yeay! after that gerak g beli tiket..luckily there's a ticket for me..if not i have to naik bus sambung2 from segamat to batu pahat..then sampai rumah we all smbung main bunga api plak..kak jay bawak bunga api penuh satu kotak..imported from klang! hahaha..=p

and now im home! break fasting with my family PLUS meeting my 'anak angkat'..hahahaha! bak kata mr manager: sila speku! hehehe..

im HAPPY! (^_^)


CiCigurl said...

wahhh bestnye dapat main bunga api! nak cikit. ;D
btw, since when ade anak angkat ni? awat chek xtaw ni ahha

P/S: I'm an avid reader of your blog. i like ur writing style, mcm tengah story2 ngan i pulak =) I'm having a thought to create a blog jugak but dunno when to start.

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

nak bunga api jom la blk msia..hehe..

about my 'anak angkat', dari last year dah asek lupa jea nak citer dgn u masa hangout dulu..

oh thanks for ur terharu..haha..ala, wat jea laa blog..kita sama2 share story sure ur writing must be bombastic! =)

haziq emphaty said...

anak angkat??
ct FAtimah bukan name sebenar ke??

P/S: sAYe juga mengikuti blog anda..

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

muahahahaha!! haziq pecah rahsia! cett..hehee..

yea, bagus jika anda mengikuti blog saya..saya juga menanti kehadiran blog anda! =)

azmahal said...

plus,plus asalkan jgn awk jd plus10x udah le,ooops jgn mare ek.kite pun dah lame x hepdet blog kite sbb my laptop kena viral infection so masih warded kat ijn. hehe.My specialist dr alan n dr ideal tgh berusaha keras utk menyelamatkannye.

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

100PLUS ke? mmg kita tiru diaorg pun..hahaha..=D

atul said...

depan 109 org??? hebatnyerrrrr...u berjaya melakukannyerrr...goooddddddd...nway..i pun ikuti blog u..hu2

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

hahaha..alamak, jgn laa ckp cmtu..segan plak saya..awk pun boleh lakukannya..percaya laa ckp saya k..=)