Wednesday, September 3, 2008

breaking news im kinda happy..because late in the afternoon at 1.20pm, i received one sms from my elder sister, azah..she said:

breaking news: i've started working 2day at KPMG. details will be discussed later on bulletin utama 8pm.thx for all ur wishes&cncerns all this while. :-)

omg! she got a job..finally! we were soo happy and grateful plus proud of her..mak was going to cry but i stopped her..batal puasa! haha..(but actually i can see her eyes were berlinang..) mak said she wants to cry because she's happy! thanks kak for making her day today..=')

kak zah will work at KPMG beside media prima..yeaay! my level of happiness increase 10%! laa, just kidding..actually, wherever she is, i still support her..(kak, extra duit raya please! hehehehe..) i hope she can survive well in her new workplace..i know she can do it!

kak, i always pray for your happiness and success..because i love you so much! muahhss!! =))


CiCigurl said...

congratz to your sister!!! i'm happy for you too. =D btw, what's KPMG?
and how long will you be at home for cuti puase? seronoknye puase kt umah.

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

cicigurl - thanks..KPMG is is an audit cuti puasa only four days laa darling..started from saturday (bcoz i had test on saturday morning) until tuesday..puasa kat umah mmg best..dats why i taknak blk segamat!! waaaa..='(

Azlan #11 said...

Congratz to Azah! Tumpang proud jugak bleh ke?

aidil said...

congrates Kak Azah.. 1st cucu Hj Arif n Hjh Zainon yang dh kerja!!!

haziq emphaty said...

kak zah suda ade keje..
bley belanje makan..
i am proud of u Nur Azah bte Azman..

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

azlan - boleh jea..sure k.zah happy!

aidil - aah..1st cucu..sbb tue hjh zainon amat gembira tatkala mendgr berita itu! hehee..

haziq emphaty - betul2..nnt k.zah blanja nasi ambeng byk2..haha!

aniss said...

congrats kak zah!
taun ni agak2 leh dpt duit raye x?

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

aniss - rasanya cm ada harapan! hahaha! just wait n see..=)

atul said...

happy family is here...bestnyer u...nway congrate to kak zah

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

alhamdulillah..thanks atul! (on behalf of kak zah..hehe..)