Saturday, September 6, 2008


im having kuew tiaw hong kong for my break fast..such a healthy menu for me..coz it contains a lots of vegetables! hahaha..but today the recipe didn't work kuew tiaw was soo keras and sejuk! tak sedap! but i have no choice, telan jea laa..huhuhu..

tonite i need to finish up my report of book review, prepare slideshows for my presentation and study for my quiz..lots of things to level totally different from diploma..when it comes to degree, no more relax2, tgguh2 kerja, main2, lepak2 bilik kwn, g jln sana sini, etc..every week u are COMPULSORY to have either assignments or presentations or test or quizes..kalau tak mmg tak sah laa..huhu..but either u like or not, u have to..

like Pn Che said, life with problems can make us mature..believe it..yup, bcoz i made a biggest mistake in my life..and i learn something from it..thanks God..

oh ya, now i tgh ym dgn my younger bro, Haziq..he's doing civil engineering at uniten, bangi..he's not feeling well bcoz he's homesick! maybe now baru dia rasa feeling rindukan family after 17years stay together..dont get me wrong..what im trying to say is he starts to learn the meaning of kasih sayang and rindukan family..i tell you guys, he never say 'i miss my family' bfore this..although i know he loves us, but he didnt show it..(sbb lelaki kan..tak macho laa ckp rindu2 nie..hehe..) but now he used to say it..maybe dia dah tak dpt nak tanggung perasaan rindu tue kot..huhu..siann dia..tak pe laa ziq, take it as a least u know how we (me n k.zah) felt bfore really hurts kan? :')

haziq plans to come back home next weekend, ONLY if there's a ziq, please buy the ticket QUICKLY!! we (plus nasi ambang) are waiting for u..we MISS u!! lovee ya..=)


azmahal said...

may i know what biggest mistake u have made. life kalau tak de problem, serupa org mati ar. kite pun cian kat haziq, hrp die bersabar.

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

ooo..nnt blk bp kita sharing2 k..

yup, ciann sgt kat dia..=(

Azlan #11 said...

haziq da pandai ckp rindu? biasala tu... org da berawek... bahasa dia lain sket :)

atul said...

the new of izzati...totally differ

.i.z.z.a.t.i. said...

azlan - yea ke dia dah ada girlfriend? wahhh, hot story! let me share with org kg..haha!

atul - all the challenges make me more matured! dah puas berendam air mata..hahaha..